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Mana is a last Indian town from the fringe of India and Tibet/China in the Himalayas. It is situated in the region of Chamoli. It’s been assigned as a “Travel industry Village” by the Uttarakhand government. Mana the last village of India is one of the best vacation destinations close by to Badrinath, It’s only 3 km’s from Badrinath town. you can go to these spots arranged close Mana like Vasudhara Falls, Satopanth Lake, Bhim Pul, Saraswati Temple and so forth many individuals go for trekking in the close-by regions of the town to investigate the lesser-known path that are loaded up with wonderful perspectives that can make you so upbeat in light of investigating excellent nature

Taste the steaming hot tea in the last shop of the last town in India. This is something that you will reclaim as a fantastic encounter when here in Mana.Here, wherever you would locate “India’s last town” being utilized in a portion of different ways, either by businesspeople or by individuals selling trivial stuff, which would continue advising you that you’ve made some amazing progress


According to Census 2011 the town had around 558 family units and a populace of about 1214. The individuals have a place with Marchhas and Jads or Bhotias. During winter months, the whole populaces comes down to bring down spots, as the region is secured under snow. Many coffeehouses here tell individuals that their shop is the keep going café on the Indian border.

Cultural identity

The residents of this town are socially connected with exercises of Badrinath sanctuary and yearly reasonable of Matha murthi. They used to exchange with Tibet in prior days. There is a little collapse Mana, named Vyas Gufa and it is accepted that Maharshi Vyas created Mahabharatha in this cave. One more cavern is called Ganesh Gufa and sightseers visit the two gives in normally.

Numerous spots to visit :

  • ~Vyasa Gufa
  • ~Ganesha Gufa
  • ~Tapt Kunda
  • ~Vasudhara

Mana town is perhaps the best spot for trekking in India. There are numerous gutsy trek courses :

~Mana to Vasudhara

~Mana to Mana Pass

~Mana to Satopanth

~Mana to Charanpaduka.


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